Comer Elementary Joins Artomé’s “Virtual” Success


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Artome’s new Virtual Art Show for Schools Systems is a safe and practical solution


Another school has “jumped” on the Artomé wagon, so to speak, joining up with this incredible company to put on their very own Virtual Art Show that has proven to be a huge success!


Artome’s Virtual Art Show is a huge success!


In Comer, Georgia, the Comer Elementary School has a fantastic webpage to show just what an amazing project has become for them. Being a part of the Madison County School District, this “home to the Comer Comets” has its very own virtual art gallery that students, their invited families, and the community can visit and see each grade’s professional work available for purchase. Grandparents, extended family, and friends can even purchase a stunningly framed reproduction for their very own. Categorized by grade and then teacher, the artwork is amazing and allows the students to get excited viewing their very own “Michelangelo.” Plus, funds raised from the project and Virtual Art Show assist the school’s art education with the show’s proceeds. It is a fun, safe, and successful way to fundraise for the continuation of art education. The Artome Virtual Art Show is not open to the public but to the specific school.


Artome’s Virtual Art Show is receiving high praise from teachers, parents, and students


For those who may have missed the high praise that schools have been showering upon Artomé and their Virtual Art Show, teachers such as Emily Pfaff (Bridle Ridge Elementary in Raymore, MO) stated, “I love how every child gets to view their artwork framed. With COVID, it was really a bummer that we were not able to have the art show. But after contacting Artomé, I found out that they would be offering an online art show. We decided to do just that, and…it was a hit!” Now more than ever, it is important for your school to know that there is a way to help your students and your finances by going the “Virtual Art Show” route.


Professional framed art for students by Artome


Artome’s Virtual Art Show is the Perfect Solution for this year’s school art show


Artomé has, for 15 years, been at the top of the heap when it comes to helping schools raise money while at the same time allowing their students to have a fun, imaginative experience that keeps them excited about art and education. The ideas Artomé has come up with over the years have been original and unique, and in a world where COVID-19 has brought trouble to the realm of education, they came up with yet another in the form of their “Virtual Art Shows.”

Not only have the Artomé shows become the perfect solution for how schools can raise funds during this most difficult time, but they are also events that both teachers and students love.

Artomé’s Virtual Art Show also is a great event because it allows everyone to purchase these masterpieces the safest way possible from the comfort and security of their own homes. The virtual gallery they set up when working with a school is easily accessible and has brought even more schools into the folds of the Artomé family as more and more people rave about these events all over the internet.

When it comes to the frames, Artomé manufactures every single one. They also cut every mat and frames every piece of art in their own manufacturing facility, which allows them to always pass on low costs to every school so that proceeds can be used to benefit the students. The school is also provided with marketing supplies in order for them to spread the word about the event all over the community.

Making a choice to follow the path of Comer Elementary and others before them, your school can also have a “Virtual Art Show” that will be a 100% success. Artomé also makes the process so simple that schools are contacting them continuously, so make sure you book your school’s dates for the 2021 year as soon as possible! Contact Artome today and learn more about their Virtual Art Show at or call 770-664-8330.

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