Artomé’s Virtual Art Show Becomes a Huge Success


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Adapting to the Pandemic to serve art students, teachers, and parents.

The concept was creative, and the idea that developed was absolutely brilliant. Artome created a great program delivering the right combination of safety for students, an ability to support art education, and generate a great fundraiser for art teachers during the Pandemic. The end result was a hugely successful program that is currently benefitting schools and students across this country during one of the most challenging time periods ever experienced.

It is not under debate that this Pandemic brought about anxiety, stress, heartache, and the closing of our schools. COVID-19 sorely affected education, but one company, Artomé, came up with a program that allowed schools to raise money for art education while offering a safe way for parents, teachers, and communities to stay involved and have fun. Most significantly, the program allowed students to maintain their creativity and stay inspired. We are speaking of the Artomé Virtual Art Shows.

Jeff Bostic, President of Artomé, explains the transformation of this concept into a nationwide success:

“When COVID-19 spread and our school partners needed to shut down for the health of students and communities, we completely understood the decision. However, we also understood how important it was to develop further and implement our Virtual Art Show program for our company and employees, coupled with our continued commitment to art educators, students, school partners, and communities. We knew it had to be done and we’re fully committed to the project.”

He continued, “Artomé’s Virtual Art Shows have been extremely successful. They provide a great opportunity to combine a student art project with an in-school fundraiser to assist art teachers in their quest to teach the importance of art education to today’s generation of students. Our Virtual Art Shows provide a safe, fun, and interactive way for students to participate in this great program.”

Artome’s Virtual Art Show is a Success for a Safe, Fun and Support of Art Education

Artomé’s Virtual Art Show is a great event because it allows families to purchase their child’s masterpiece from the comfort and security of their own homes online.  When working with a school, the virtual gallery they set up is easily accessible for art students and their families only.  When it comes to the frames, Artomé manufactures every single one. They also cut every mat and frame every piece of art in their manufacturing facility, allowing them to provide professional frames cost-efficiently constantly.  The participating school is also provided with marketing supplies for them to spread the word about the event all to students’ families to purchase their students framed art.

Exorbitant praise has been showered on Artomé by schools that have held their own Virtual Art Show, and those reviews make it easy to see why teachers, students, and parents absolutely love the program. So many great compliments have been given from Artomé’s partners, such as Emily Pfaff’s praise from Bridle Ridge Elementary in Raymore, MO: “I love how every child gets to view their artwork framed. With COVID, it was really a bummer that we were not able to have the art show. But after contacting Artomé, I found out that they would be offering an online art show. We decided to do just that, and…it was a hit!”

Students Artwork is Professionally Framed


The evolution of this plan was definitely a “home run.” In fact, so many schools have jumped on board that it’s important for one and all to book their Virtual Art Show now, for the remainder of this school year. In addition, Artomé can book your school for the fall of 2021. After all, having a Fall season show is lucrative because students’ framed artwork makes for memorable and incredible Christmas presents!

For over 15 years, Artomé has been the leader when it comes to helping art educators raise money while at the same time allowing students to have an unforgettable experience that keeps them involved in art and education. President Jeff Bostic stated: “We are excited about the future and look forward to working with our school systems, students and parents.” But he is not the only one. Schools across the country are extremely excited about the phenomenal success of Artome’s Virtual Art Show Program.

Learn even more about this incredible company by visiting today. And to team up with Artomé—to make sure your school books their time in the spotlight by holding a Virtual Art Show—call 770.664.8330, or email this talented crew at info@Artomé.com

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