Happy Holidays


Gifts That Give Back to Others

When it comes to the holidays and the long, long list of places to shop, things to buy, etc., it’s nice to know that

Christmas Style: The Past Still Wins by a Landslide

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Exploring the Holidays Around the Globe

Thanksgiving has been had. Games have been watched and the golden turkey has caused a great

How to Have Yourself a Merry “Green” Christmas

How to Have Yourself a Merry “Green” Christmas By Amy Lignor   Yes, the turkey is carved and eaten and those awesome decorations are beginning to crop up around the neighborhood, as well as in your very own living room. This is the time of year where everyone smiles just a bit more, as family […]

I’m I phoning in Christmas

  I’m I phoning in Christmas I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream, Ahhh, Here we go! Now I used to think that if I said something as an adult to kid or young adult I was going to get that look like dude you’re old. But you know what, too many things […]

When the Weather Outside is Frightful…Time to Vacation

  When the Weather Outside is Frightful…Time to Vacation By Amy Lignor   November is here! As the trick-or-treating décor is taking away and the large, cardboard turkeys wearing pilgrim hats arrive, the thought of winter coming in with a big, robust, freezing cold hello is on everyone’s minds.   When the weather outside is […]

Merry Christmas, Dallas Cowboys

  Merry Christmas, Dallas Cowboys  NFC East Champions   ‘Twas Five Days before Christmas and all through the house; (Jerryworld, that is), Not a creature was stirring, not ONE Indianapolis mouse. (Colt, actually, but ‘mouse’ rhymes).  Romo, Bryant, Murray…Aikman, Irvin, Smith? You’re crazy, people! Well, apparently not so much. A large majority of NFL ‘experts’ […]

All I want for Christmas is #CUBAN CIGARS !

All I want for Christmas is #CUBAN CIGARS ! Dear Santa, I know I have asked for a lot this year, but I’d like to give you a whole NEW list. I know longer want the iPhone 6, I hear it’s not that good. And I don’t want the big pickup truck anymore, even though […]

The True Meaning of a Green Christmas

Throughout the year, The Green Register is the place where everyone finds the latest information on the best ways for our society to ‘go green.’ From the best in tools, services, products and companies that are working each and every day to save our planet and better our lives, to the latest in government laws and regulations […]