Humankind Needs to Take Some ‘Cues’ From Another Kingdom


Humankind Needs to Take Some ‘Cues’ From Another Kingdom

~ Samantha Lewis

It seems that every time we turn on the news there is blood, death, wars, terrorism – heck, you name it, we have it. Yet there is one kingdom that continually proves it has far out-mastered and out-smarted us in the ways of life, community, and the ability to work with one another – even if they are categorized as completely different species.


To begin, there are new creatures coming out all the time. In other words, their kingdom continues to thrive, showing scientists and researchers that they are not done evolving. It was only this past year when new species came about from the oddest of places.


For example, a brand new sea anemone showed itself to a geology team that was actually working to test an undersea robot. Instead, they found “Edwardsiella andrillae,” a brand new creature that grows upside down from the burrows located in the Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf. With two dozen tentacles, it is the very first species of anemone known to grow in ice.

Edwardsiella andrillae

Edwardsiella andrillae


And when people speak about shrimp, there is a brand new image of one that was discovered just this past year. Looking a bit like something Stephen King could use in one of his haunted books, this ghost/skeleton of a shrimp was found in a cave off California.


Then, unlike the favorite in the Geico commercials, a slightly snarling fiend of a gecko was found in an isolated rain forest located on Cape Melville in Australia. The National Geographic Expeditions Council, who discovered the creature, saw that this is one gecko who very much likes his own (unspoiled) spot in the food chain.


A wasp that looks like a fairy; a snail that decided to be born, bred and live well in a Croatian cave over 3,000 feet down – these are all creatures that are new to the human mind…yet perhaps have been here long before we had a chance to discover them. Either way, they have proven that the animal kingdom understands positives, negatives, and the way to live and work together…unlike us.


Humankind should also look at creatures we have known for a very long time, and some of the relationships that have been formed that would seem beyond odd. There are animals who should be predator and prey, yet they have grown to be kind to each other and form friendships. Some of these friendships have been seen by the public, yet the point doesn’t seem to register with us. These are animals – this is a kingdom – that does not play by rules. They do not always have to fight. If they are a different species – the same as when we are a different religion, color, or have a different pursuit of love – the animals can accept each other without going to war.



A giraffe and an ostrich can chill, hang out, and be buds. A scaled, slithery creature can actually be pals with a furry one, without so much as a thought to the fact that they are on different ends of the food chain.


One of the most popular and well-known relationships was between a stray dog named Bella, and an elephant named Tarra. People would gasp at times to see these two run side by side, wondering if the elephant’s huge weight would fall upon the dog and destroy her. But nothing like that ever happened. They were friends, and did not realize that they were supposedly not part of the same race. And at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee where they lived, it was a heartbreaking day for Tarra when Bella passed away in 2011. They were friends, family, and the pain felt by the mighty creature still is seen today.


A baby hippopotamus, a survivor of the horrendous waves of a tsunami on the Kenyan coast, made friends with a giant tortoise. The intelligence between them, and ability to understand one another, was easily seen. The hippo was named Owen, weighed 650 pounds, and was almost killed by the anger of Mother Nature, but ended up finding a loyal friend instead.



A leopard named Salati is in love with a golden retriever by the name of Tommy in Pretoria, South Africa. Yes, this is a canine/feline relationship that seems impossible, because of the ‘need’ or ‘want’ to kill that a leopard supposedly owns. Oddly enough, the animal understands. So…why can’t we?

images (7)

And yet another duo that has found a way into peoples’ hearts is a fox and a hound. Tinni is the dog and Sniffer is the fox. The dog, in our minds, should growl at the fox, kill the fox…but not these two. These two understand each other. They are not playing by the rules supposedly set in stone that their ‘species’ should not be friends – they make up their own rules.


Humankind has its’ own glories and its’ own issues. However, when it comes to the animal kingdom, we should turn our sights on them. And, no, not SITES, sights, and learn what it is about them that makes them turn a blind eye to how the other one looks and acts. Perhaps then we can find a way to stop our own violence. Because until then, the news will continue to be bad.




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